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Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council


Committee Members

  • Cllr Bryan Sumner (Chair)
  • Cllr Amanda Davis
  • Cllr Bob Hadley
  • Cllr Lynda Hicks
  • Cllr Nigel Randall
  • Cllr Len Wilkins

This Committee has delegated powers to make decisions which bind the whole Council. It meets twice a month to consider and comment upon local planning applications, as an advisory consultee.  This means that CDC has elected to canvas the Council for its opinions but is not bound to act upon any comments made. Decisions regarding the granting or refusal of planning permissions are made by CDC, either by way of planning officer recommendations or within regular meetings of the Planning (Regulatory) Committee.

Click here to access CDC's Planning Register.


Click below to view the agenda for the next planning meeting, which will be displayed when available.


Minutes from the most recent planning meetings are available here. Minutes from previous committee meetings can be obtained on request. Equally, CDC's planning page on its web-site retains records for several years.

CDC Local Plan

The new Plan will set out a development strategy for the district between 2011 and 2031, and will include the identification of a number of potential development sites which could be brought forward to help meet the government's requirement for a 5 year housing land supply.  This is a rolling requirement, and the Planning Authority must therefore be able to demonstrate this 5 year supply at any given time during the life of the Plan.

Until the Plan is in place, communities are even more vulnerable to developers who may use the lack of a current Plan to claim that this housing land supply cannot be fulfilled.  Hence, the timely publication of this document is extremely important in protecting communities against unnecessary or unwarranted development.

The Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031 was submitted on 7th July 2017 to the Secretary of State for independent examination by a Planning Inspector. Further details about the hearing sessions which are due to commence on Tuesday 10th October can be found here.

Retail Study

As part of preparation of the new Local Plan, and prior to the refurbishment of the existing Co-Op store once the new store has completed, the Parish Council was asked to provide information on the local retail provision. In order to gather residents’ comments as to existing and future shopping opportunities the Council carried out a Retail Study and encouraged all residents to respond. A summary of the results of this study can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below. The Council would like to offer grateful thanks to all those who took the time to respond.  It will be passed on to any organisation considering any form of retail development in Bourton in the future.

Neighbourhood & Community Plans

A community-led plan is a document which sets out a vision for your community’s future, based on sound local research carried out by the community itself. It highlights important local issues and projects which need to be tackled in the coming years. Glos. Rural Community Council (“GRCC”) is the lead provider of support for parish and community-led plans in Gloucestershire and provides neutral and independent advice and support.  Further information is available on GRCC’s web-site here.

The Council arranged for a member of GRCC to come along and host a meeting to discuss the different types of community-led plans that are available. Notes from the meeting are available to view by clicking on the relevant attachment below.

Windrush Restaurant

As many residents will already be aware, the Windrush/de la Haye's Restaurant is currently seeking planning permission to retain various previously unauthorised works under Planning applications 17/04248/FUL & 17/04249/LBC.

The Parish Council has submitted an objection to these applications on the following basis:

  • High level air intake and extraction flues: The Council objects to the retention of these on the basis they are intrusive, incongruous and contribute to the cluttering of the rear of this Listed Building.  These comments are supported by the Conservation Officer;
  • Low level extraction flues: The Council objects to the retention of these on the basis they are causing a nuisance to the adjacent property garden in terms of noise and odour pollution;
  • Air conditioning units: The Council objects to their retention on the basis the 7 units considerably add to the cluttering of the rear elevation and considers that air conditioning is not an essential element to the successful operation of a restaurant business given the average summer temperatures in England.  As such the potential benefit on a few days each year is considered to be outweighed by the significant harm to the visual appearance of the Listed Building.
  • Stone wall and gates: The Council objects to their retention on the basis the wall and gates have been attached to a neighbouring Listed property, without that owner's permission.  The access through the gates and the size of the on-site services area beyond them has been reduced to such a degree that it is no longer possible for large delivery vehicles to enter and leave the site in a forward motion, hence on-street deliveries are being made which results in those vehicles blocking Sherborne St and the public footpath/paved area on the High St frontage;
  • Refrigeration unit and gas box: The outdoor location of these items has contributed to the reduction of the services/delivery area and this has resulted in on-street deliveries and the consequent nuisance. The Council seeks their appropriate relocation;
  • The Council seeks the replacement of UPVC windows with wooden windows to ensure window treatments are appropriate for this Listed Building;

The Council has also raised awareness of a small number of additional works for which planning permission is not certain.  These and the above matters have been addressed in the schedule submitted to CDC as part of Council's planning response, which can be viewed via the attachment below:

Click on the attachment below to view the Terms of Reference for the Planning Committee:

Terms of Reference Planning-Final-TOR-5apr17.pdf 182.8 KB