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Village Maintenance

The Council is responsible for inspecting and maintaining a number of green spaces and trees in and around the village, including the main Village Green.  Parcels of land have been gifted to or purchased by the Parish Council at various times in the past and these now form part of the Council’s assets, for which it has a permanent responsibility. 

Village Maintenance Contract

A number of these areas are maintained under the umbrella of a Maintenance contract whereby maintenance is outsourced to a qualified contractor.  The appointment is subject to review every 3 years, and a competitive tender exercise is undertaken at 3 yearly intervals to identify and secure best value for this work. 

The areas included in this contract include the green spaces owned by the Parish Council as well as a number of areas for which the Council has taken on an elective responsibility, such as some public footpath verges.  The areas under the Council’s responsibility include the Village Green, the smaller Greens in Victoria St and Clapton Row, the Cemetery and allotment sites, play areas and Open Space at Bourton Chase development (which was transferred to the Council under the terms of a S106 agreement dated 2007).

Village Maintenance Contract 2020-2023

The 3 year contract for maintenance of the Council’s open spaces is up for renewal in April and the Council is now inviting bids. The deadline for the receipt of quotations is midday on Friday 14th February 2020. Any local firms wishing to tender for this work are asked to register an interest with the Council office by phone 01451 820712 or email Further details of the contract can be viewed via the attachments below:

Village Green

This space was gifted to the Council in the early part of the 20th century and has been maintained by the Council since that date.  The Green includes the now-paved area to the east of Victoria St, in front of the Riverside Café, which was refurbished in 2009 to lay new paving, a planter, cycle racks and seating.   The space by the High Bridge in the centre of the Green was refurbished to provide a new bench and Village sign in 2013 following the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, using monies raised during the Diamond Jubilee village celebrations.  The design of the sign was based on a painting by Terry Harrison, a renowned artist then resident in the village.

Hire of the Green

The Green is available to hire by local groups for fund-raising purposes throughout the summer months.

The policy relating to hire of the Green, as well as the application form and most recent schedule of applications are available on the Village Green page.


The Parish Council is also responsible for maintenance of a number of trees which grow on land which it owns.  A tree surgeon in retained to maintain these trees, which are surveyed at regular intervals; in between works to address damage or deterioration are instructed within a contingency budget.

The Council’s policy relating to maintenance of the trees in its care is available on the attachment below: