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Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

Village Maintenance

Village Maintenance Contract

The maintenance contract was put out to tender for the period 2014-2017 and GBD was re-appointed for the second  time. The new contract began on 1st April 2014 however as from August 2016 the remainder of the contract will be taken on by Bibury due to GBD's liquidation announcement.

The invitation to tender for the period 2017-2020 went out at the start of February and applications were considered at February's Committee meeting. A summary of the applications can be viewed via the attachment below:


Our Volunteer Tree Warden, Sue, continues to work with the Council and she walks round the village regularly bringing to our attention any works that are needed to the Council's trees or the large number of trees that have been taken on by the Council as far as maintenance is concerned.  She also carries out a number of  various maintenance jobs such as applying winter washes, and doing minor pruning works. This has been particularly helpful in helping the young trees in Jubilee Orchard to become established, and thrive. It's an enormous help to the Parish Council and we're extremely grateful for her continuing commitment and assistance.

Riverside Walk: The artificial surfacing on a small verge opposite Vernes tea-room on Riverside Walk has now been in place for some time now, and although it seems to have resolved the problem of an extremely slippery and muddy surface on this particular verge there have been mixed reactions to its appearance.

Due to persistent erosion of other verges adjacent to Riverside Walk and the high costs associated with repeat turfing of these areas, which is quickly worn away during the peak visitor season, the Council agreed to test an alternative solution, namely a part washed-cobble stone on a flexible matting, which can also be laid on uneven surfaces caused by tree roots encroachment.  

This matting has been laid on other verges as a trial to compare with the artificial turf and to see whether either would be a long-term solution to this permanent problem.  This matter is ongoing and we would be grateful for your patience whilst this is being monitored.

Chestnut Green: Works were undertaken to provide a new gulley and soakaway and this appears to have improved the drainage problems at this spot during normal rainfall, as well as tidying up the appearance of this space. As the ground level at this location is lower than all the surrounding areas there will always be problems with water pooling in heavy rainfall and the Council is in ongoing discussions to see whether anything can be done to further improve the situation in heavy rainfall. 

Rissington Road lay-by at eastern end of the village: Some works have taken place to improve the visual aspect of this space.  The committee's aims are to protect the existing access and proper use of the lay-by as a temporary rest area or pull-in, whilst addressing and discouraging any misuse from long-stay parking. 

The committee will continue to identify what other works can be undertaken within the agreed budget in order to complete the refurbishment of this area.

Jubilee Sign: Bird deterrent spikes have been fitted to the Jubilee sign and the bench seat has been cleaned as the birds seem to find this as popular a spot as visitors do!  Hopefully the spikes will encourage them to perch elsewhere...  Metal railing extensions have also been added to the adjacent railings to prevent access from the footpath which is wearing away the turf.