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Thames Water Letter re Drains

By Clerk Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

Monday, 22 March 2021


Sue Cretney


Bourton on the Water Sewage Pumping Station - March 2021

Dear Customer

I am writing to all residents to advise that we have recently had to do a clean-up of our pumping station because of blockages caused by inappropriate items such as wet wipes being placed into our network. This is causing the sewers to back up and cause flooding to local residents in the area. It can also lead to pollution and river quality issues.

What did we find?
These blockages were caused by rag, including wet wipes, kitchen/hand paper towels, together with cooking fat and oil poured down sinks and drains which hardens and prevents the sewage flowing freely.

How can you help?
Sewers are only designed to take away water, toilet tissue and human waste – anything else belongs in the bin. With your help we can reduce and hopefully stop future blockages. Our ‘Bin it- don’t block it’ leaflet gives more information: Thames Water "Bin It Don't Block It" leaflet.

To avoid blockages:

  • Do not flush wipes down the toilet, even if they are labelled as ‘flushable’. They’re made of plastic and won’t break down like toilet tissue.
  • Nappies and sanitary products belong in the bin, never down the toilet. They will clog pipes and cause blockages.
  • Never pour fat or oil from cooking down the sink. Let it cool, pour it into a container and put it in the bin. Please remember: Bin it – don’t block it.

Find out more
If you would like any more information, please visit our website

Thank you for your help to reduce future incidents, keep the pipes flowing and help us to provide an efficient sewage treatment process.

Yours sincerely

Thames Valley Wastewater Operations

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