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Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

Traffic & Footpaths

Committee Members

  • Cllr Nigel Randall (Chair)
  • Cllr Robin Daniel
  • Cllr Bob Hadley
  • Cllr Barbara Rogers
  • Cllr Bill Wragge

The Traffic & Footpaths Committee is responsible for issues relating to Public Footpaths and Highways adopted by GCC.

Litter Picking

In previous years, the Council organised a litter pick each Spring, however, this only kept the village tidy for a very short while.  Now that a Volunteer Working Party has been established, some of those members as well as residents and members of other local groups have agreed to "take responsibility" for a different area of the village and litter pick this area on a regular basis.  This is an informal arrangement and there are no fixed intervals but it's hoped that this arrangement will help to keep the main footpaths and verges clear of litter for longer periods throughout the year.

Pupils of Bourton Primary have also agreed to be part of this initiative and often litter pick on The Avenue - we're very grateful to them for their help.

As there are many areas around the village that would benefit, we would be grateful to hear from any residents who would be willing to join in.  The more people volunteer, the less each one will have to do as the workload is shared between a larger number of people.  If you are willing to join this team, do contact the Council office; in the meantime, thanks to those who have already signed up - you will be making a real difference.

Traffic related matters

We have an ongoing dialogue with Glos. Highways' Area Manager and the schedule for discussion changes as new issues issues arise and older issues are actioned.  The regular meetings have been extremely helpful, and we're grateful to Glos. Highways for the time they have taken in trying to find a solution to the various problems.

Various actions are being progressed although these naturally take time, particularly in light of further budget cuts that GCC are required to make.

Any general highways-related issues which crop up on a day to day basis (such as blocked gullies, new pot-holes, street lights out etc) can be reported by residents direct to Glos. Highways on the central switchboard number 08000 514514.

Local roadworks

GCC often has a number of roadworks scheduled in and around Bourton.  For details of these and other roadworks that are likely to affect the local community please refer to our Local Roadworks page or alternatively the latest schedule issued by GCC is available on GCC's web-site.

New Speed Limit Changes

With effect from 2nd December 2016 a 20mph speed limit will be introduced on the following roads in Bourton-on-the-Water: Lansdowne, Green Lake Close, Mousetrap Lane, School Hill, Rectory Lane, Moore Road, High Street, Sherborne Street, Bourton Hill, Pock Hill Lane, Pock Hill Drive, Baines Close, Springfield, Letch Hill Drive, Bow Lane, Letch Lane, Victoria Street, Clapton Row, Broadlands Court, Chardwar Gardens and Gasworks Lane. As well as the proposed extension of the existing 30mph speed limit on part of Bourton Hill.

The confirmed Order, public Notice, statement of reasons and plan can be viewed via the attached document below. This is also accompanied by an article urging residents to adhere to the new speed limits:

Extension of Footpath Closure - Greystones Farm

The temporary closure of the footpath near Greystones Farm has been approved until 16th January 2019 at the latest to allow resurfacing and associated works to be completed.

The public Notice and plan can be viewed via the attached documents below:


'Many residents have expressed concerns to the Council recently regarding speeding in Bourton, particularly since the introduction of the new 20mph zone in the village centre.

Although enforcement of speed limits is ultimately the responsibility of the Police, their resources are obviously very limited and they cannot be expected to provide an automatic response to reports of speeding, nor a permanent presence to monitor this. They do, however, carry out speed control exercises in the village as often as their resources allow, and will continue to do so.

Until last year, a local Speedwatch Team supplemented the work done by the Police by carrying out regular monitoring of speeds on village roads using equipment loaned by the Police. The data they gathered over a sustained period helped identify patterns and provided a clearer picture of local speeding issues. This, in turn, was used by the Police to identify the locations and times when subsequent speed controls were likely to be most effective. The team’s visibility also helped raise local awareness of speeding in general, and seemed to have a positive impact.

Unfortunately, the Speedwatch team leader moved out of the village last year and has not been able to be replaced. The Council is now trying to resurrect this team, and various residents have already come forward. However, we still need volunteers who would be willing to take part in monitoring exercises to the west and north of the village (ie Lansdowne and Meadow Way). If you live in these areas, are concerned at traffic speeds on those roads and are willing to join this team, we’d be grateful to hear from you.

Team members would only be asked to spend a few hours each month monitoring traffic; the more residents who come forward, the less would be required in terms of a time commitment, as exercises could be rotated amongst larger numbers. We hope there will be a good response to this appeal.'

Cllr Nigel Randall, Bourton on the Water Parish Council



Minutes from the most recent Traffic & Footpaths Committee meeting are available to view below:

Click on the attachment below to view the Terms of Reference for the Traffic & Footpaths Committee: